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Information event on the use of ChatGPT in research and teaching

All members of the university are invited to discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence in research and teaching on February 15, 2023

Freiburg, Feb 09, 2023

It’s fast, it’s clever and it is shifting the boundaries of what has been possible until now in the digitalized world: for several weeks now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in particular ChatGPT has been hotly debated in public. The Vice-President for Academic Affairs together with other vice-presidents is inviting all members of the university to attend this information event – which will also be transmitted live via ILIAS – on the use of ChatGPT in teaching and learning and research. The two-hour event starts at 2 pm (punctually) on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, in the events room at the University Library (1st floor).

The event, which is open to all members of the university, will look at the strengths and weaknesses of AI language models, initial technical and legal aspects, and the effects on teaching and learning and research. There will be plenty of opportunity for the exchange of ideas, with the aim of igniting a process that helps the University of Freiburg to position itself with regard to this burning topic.

Prof. Dr. Hannah Bast and Prof. Dr. Frank Hutter (both Faculty of Engineering) are expected to offer expert insights, while technical and legal aspects of examinations will be discussed by the PePP project network, the partnership for innovative e-examinations, which is coordinated in Freiburg. The Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs will review the services that are available to support teachers and students with the new challenges caused by AI. The committee for responsibility in research (KVF) will evaluate the opportunities and risks for research.

The event will be in hybrid format: those watching the online transmission via ILIAS can ask questions in chat.

Dr. Günter Schmidt-Gess
Innovation and Quality in Teaching (IQ)
University of Freiburg