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Healing from Within

Physician Robert Zeiser investigates how the human body can fight cancer cells

Freiburg, Jan 21, 2020

Some problems solve themselves. The body has ways to cure its own ills. Its immune system can even kill cancer cells under certain circumstances. Prof. Dr. Robert Zeiser and his team at the Department of Medicine I of the University of Freiburg Medical Center are investigating how the body's own mechanisms can combat some types of cancer. The researchers are applying what is known as allogeneic cell transplantation to treat leukemia – cancer of the blood. The method involves replacing a person's complete immune system with that of a donor. This form of immune therapy, however, can cause adverse reactions when the transplanted cells attack not only the cancer, but the recipient's entire body. At the University Medical Center, Zeiser and his team are working to prevent complications such as these in the future.