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Pass the Ball Over

"kick for girls" goal is to overcome social inequality – fair play rather than athletic performance scores big on this field

Freiburg, Aug 09, 2018

Soccer can be exclusive, create hierarchies, and generate pressure. But the "beautiful game" can also forge bonds, bridge social gaps, and promote empathy. Around 180 schoolgirls at ten primary and secondary schools are taking part in the educational sports project "kick for girls." More than half of them have immigration in their background. Once a week, they meet to play soccer and pass the ball to each other. The University of Freiburg's Institute for Sport Science and Physical Education oversees the program and supports it with empirical studies that are aimed at providing information on social cohesion and learning environment. There has also been official recognition that sports can make an important contribution to integration. In 2017, the German Football Association awarded the "kick for girls" project its Integration Prize.