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Mandatory mask-wearing on campus

The University of Freiburg reacts to new requirements of the state and the city due to the increasing number of corona infections

Freiburg, Oct 18, 2020

Extended mandatory mask-wearing for students, teachers and all other attendees: Wearing a mask is mandatory for all courses and study operations at the University of Freiburg.

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

The number of corona infections is increasing - in the entire federal state as well as in the city of Freiburg. On Saturday, October 17, 2020, the state government declared the highest corona warning level for all of Baden-Württemberg. The day before, the city of Freiburg had already issued a general decree according to which a mouth and nose covering must be worn throughout at public events.

"The new regulations of the state and the city particularly affect the entire course of studies at the University of Freiburg. They apply equally to students, lecturers, staff and all other persons present", explains Rector Prof. Dr. Kerstin Krieglstein. The extended mandatory mask-wearing exists among other things on all jointly used areas in the university buildings, in all courses in presence, during the use of operational facilities such as libraries as well as during free student work in all premises of the university. It is effective immediately and is valid until further notice.

“The current situation fills me with great concern. It will definitely require further restrictions and additional protective measures,” says Krieglstein. The Rectorate will coordinate with the faculties in a timely manner and adapt the university's hygiene regulations to the current situation in the coming days. "I would like to appeal to all members of our university: Remain vigilant, observe the rules for social distancing and hygiene, protect yourself and your fellow human beings. Together, as a university community, we will master this challenge.”  


Extended mandatory mask-wearing

A mouth-and-nose covering must be worn at all times in the following situations:

● upon entering University buildings in all entrance areas, corridors, passageways, staircases, elevators, kitchenettes and sanitary facilities,

● in attendance at all events, for example, at teaching and admissions events, written and oral examinations, first semester courses, meetings and conferences

● in the use of company facilities such as libraries, the computer center, the Freiburg Academy for University Continuing Education (FRAUW) and

● for independent student work in the premises of the university.

This regulation applies equally to students, lecturers, employees and all other persons present.


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