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Statement by the University of Freiburg for diversity and mutual respect

Given the current political and social events surrounding the war in the Middle East, the University of Freiburg is also receiving an increasing number of enquiries, particularly regarding the role of the University and offers of help for its members. In line with the diversity of our members, the enquiries cover a broad spectrum of opinions.

Freiburg, Feb 22, 2024

In view of the different positions and ideas of various groups, the University of Freiburg would like to reaffirm its position:

We sympathise with the suffering of all people affected by terror and war. We stand for diversity, openness and basic democratic values.

We do not tolerate discrimination, marginalisation and hate speech, and we take decisive action against all forms of racism and anti-Semitism.

We are committed to an open dialogue based on mutual respect and appreciation.

With this in mind, the Senate of the University of Freiburg passed a resolution on 21 February 2024.

The University of Freiburg encourages all its members - especially students - who need support in the current situation to contact the relevant offices. The offers of assistance are published here.


Statement by the University of Freiburg against racism and anti-Semitism

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