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University of Freiburg can now be seen at the SC Freiburg stadium

Helmut Laaff transfers his communication rights with the Bundesliga club to the University

Freiburg, Oct 20, 2023

University of Freiburg can now be seen at the SC Freiburg stadium

Europa-Park Stadium of SC Freiburg. Image: SC Freiburg / Carsten Riedl

Starting with SC Freiburg’s next home match against VfL Bochum (on Saturday, 21 October 2023), the University of Freiburg will be visible on various advertising spaces in the Europa-Park Stadium and in the club’s other media platforms. This was made possible by the dermatologist Prof. Dr. Helmut Laaff, who deferred his partnership’s communication rights with SC Freiburg to the University free of charge. Dr. Laaff is connected to the University, among other things, through his membership in the independent association Academia Meets Industry and states: “I would like to contribute to increasing Freiburg’s visibility as a study and science hub by taking an innovative approach towards its stronger media presence. Such measures have long since been common practice in the US, for example,” explains Laaff. “I owe so much of my career to the University. I wanted to give something back.”

Kerstin Krieglstein, Rector of the University of Freiburg, emphasises: "This is a novel approach and a great opportunity for us as a university, for which we sincerely thank Mr Laaff. Among other things, our close ties to the region and its stakeholders, as well as our self-image as a modern, forward-looking place of study and science with social roots and responsibility, have been given a completely new avenue of expression.”

Throughout the current season, the University will be visible on LED boards in the Europa-Park Stadium and in various other media of the club, with changing motifs and messages. The slogan “Universität Freiburg - mehr als Studieren” (“The University of Freiburg - more than just studying”) marks the beginning. With this reference to the Sport Club’s slogan “SC Freiburg – mehr als Fußball (“SC Freiburg - more than football”), the University of Freiburg would like to express its solidarity with the club while also drawing attention to its attractive study opportunities. “It’s exactly that – life at the University of Freiburg means more than just studying and researching. It is the core of our new mission statement, which we recently published,” says Krieglstein. “The fact that we can now also convey this message within the Sport Club environment is very beneficial to us.”

The University’s mission statement has been published at:

The association Academia Meets Industry, to which Dr. Helmut Laaff belongs, connecting both students and researchers at the University of Freiburg with social stakeholders

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