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Lecture Series “Auf Jahr und Tag” Is Starting

Beginning on October 25, 2021, this lecture series will focus on historical sites in Freiburg that have helped shape the lives of people in the city since the Middle Ages

Freiburg, Oct 19, 2021

Schlossberg (Castle Hill), Klarissenkloster (Clarissa Monastery), and Stadtfriedhof (the City Cemetery) are living proof that not only historical events and people determine the lives of those living in a city; its topography and even certain places or buildings also have an impact. These places from medieval Freiburg that still play a role in our lives today will be the focus of the lecture series “Auf Jahr und Tag” (A Year and a Day), which will begin on Monday October 25, 2021, and is organized by the Section of Regional History of the Department of History of the University of Freiburg.

From Schlossberg (Castle Hill) to the Historische Kaufhaus (Historical Merchants’ Hall)

The first lecture in the series will be presented by Dr. Heinz Krieg, a historian from the University of Freiburg, who will talk about the Schlossberg (Castle Hill), with its castle built by the medieval town lords and its later fortifications. Two weeks after this, on November 8, 2021, Dr. Bertram Jenisch will hold a lecture about the Neuburg district of Freiburg and the expansion of the city during the Middle Ages, while also talking about the city’s fortifications. Also in November, the lecture series will focus on the use of water, because “Freiburg was shaped not just by the Schlossberg and the castle there, but also by its proximity to the Dreisam, which flows into the industrial canal (Gewerbekanal) and the runnels (Bächle),” says Krieg. In the following lectures, speakers will talk about the Freiburg Cathedral, the Clarissa Monastery, the University, the city’s cemeteries, and the significance of the Historical Merchants’ Hall. The lecture series is being organized by the Department of History of the University of Freiburg, the Alemannische Institut Freiburg e. V. (Alemanic Institute of Freiburg), der Breisgau-Geschichtsverein Schauinsland e. V. (Schauinsland Breisgau History Association), Landesverein Badische Heimat e.V. (Baden Homeland Association), Münsterbauverein Freiburg e. V. (Society of the Friends of the Freiburg Cathedral), and the Stadtarchiv Freiburg (Freiburg City Archives).

All those who are interested are also invited to a special conference on October 28–29, 2021, which is part of the city’s 900th anniversary celebration. The conference will focus on outcomes, contexts, and unanswered questions concerning the history of municipal law (Stadtrecht) in Freiburg. A special edition of the municipal law of Freiburg will also be officially presented by the University as a gift to the city. This edition of Freiburg’s municipal law begins with the certificate from 1120 granting the city the right to hold markets, which is the basis for Freiburg’s 900th anniversary celebrations, and closes a gap in research, while also appealing to broader audiences. “This edition includes the Latin sources and the very first municipal law in Germany in its entirety in a contemporary German translation, complete with comments and a glossary that is especially helpful for lay readers,” says Krieg.

Registration required

Both the lecture series and the conference will be offered in-person and online. Registration by email is required to attend the lecture in person. For those wanting to attend the lecture series on Zoom, the meeting ID is 825 7660 5183, and the password is Jahrestag.


Program for the lecture series “Auf Jahr und Tag”

Information and program for the conference on municipal law on October 28–29, 2021

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