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Online survey for the Krummhörn region

Freiburg researchers investigate decisions, uncertainties and experiences about climate change

Freiburg, Feb 16, 2021

The coastal regions of northern Germany are affected by climate change as evidenced by changing weather patterns and rising sea levels. As a result, a research team led by Prof. Dr. Stefan Baumgärtner from the Professorship of Environmental Economics and Resource Management at the University of Freiburg is launching an online survey on March 1, 2021. The survey is designed to help the scientists obtain an overview of how the residents of the communities Hinte, Ihlow, Krummhörn, Samtgemeinde Brookmerland, Südbrookmerland and Wiesmoor are dealing with the risks and uncertainties of climate change and which decisions they are making in this regard.

In the RUINS project (Risk, Uncertainty and Insurance under Climate Change), researchers from the University of Freiburg, the Technical University of Braunschweig and the University of Oldenburg are investigating the risks and uncertainties of possible land use adaptations on the German North Sea coast. Using the example of land and water management, the scientists want to gain insights into risk and uncertainty preferences of the population and their experiences with climate change in the East Frisian region of Krummhörn. They will use ecological-economic models to analyze how effective the adaptation measures developed in previous projects are for different climate scenarios up to the year 2100. Based on this, Baumgärtner’s team will create proposals to communicate the risks and uncertainties in a comprehensible way, thus opening up new ways of decision-making for the directly affected population in the Krummhörn region.

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