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Election of New Rector Postponed

The new date planned for the joint session of the Senate and the University Council is 29 April 2020

Freiburg, Mar 17, 2020

Election of New Rector Postponed

Photo: Manfred Zahn

Dear Sir or Madam,
Dear Colleagues,

The City of Freiburg has issued a general ruling banning events and meetings in order to contain the spread of corona virus. Following the recommendation of the health authority on 13 March 2020, the city is prohibiting events and meetings for over 50 participants within the metropolitan area to provisionally midnight on 20 April 2020. In this context and in view of the serious development of the corona pandemic, the election for a new rector of the University of Freiburg which was to be held at a joint session of the Senate and the University Council on Saturday, 21 March 2020 is being postponed.

In agreement between the university management and the chair of the University Council the new date is planned for 29 April 2020. Since the Senate has a routine meeting on the afternoon of 29 April 2020 and the University Council convenes on the next day, 30 April 2020, Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Barner as Chair of the Selection Committee and the University Council will invite both electoral bodies, the Senate and the University Council, to a joint session on 29 April 2020, late afternoon. If this date is confirmed he will announce the results of the election in the evening of 29 April. We will be sending out a new invitation to the press conference in due course, however at present the uncertainty as regards the development of the corona virus (Covid-19) situation is too great.

The plan then is that in the event of a decision in favor of a candidate, the designated rector will also attend and speak at the press conference. We would be grateful to you if you would make a note of the date of 29 April, late afternoon. Further details will be notified before 29 April.

Yours faithfully

Nicolas Scherger



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Foto: Manfred Zahn