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Strict Regulations or Pragmatic Solution?

The law expert Ralf Poscher compares the different approaches to digital privacy rights in the European Union and the United States

Freiburg, Aug 16, 2018

Strict Regulations or Pragmatic Solution?

Photo: Sikov/Fotolia

Between the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and a pragmatic, case-by-case solution, the approaches to data protection and privacy in the European Union and the US could not be more different. Current debates regarding the unlawful use of personal data in the last United States presidential election indicate that the US is striving to put stricter regulations in place. Unlike in the European Union, however, this will not be in the form of a comprehensive law, but rather as regulations that can be applied to certain problems – in other words, on a needs basis. The law expert Prof. Dr. Ralf Poscher from the University of Freiburg explains the pros and cons of each approach for individuals and institutions, including universities, and talks about how your personal data will be protected from illegal access in the future.