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Shifting the Energy System in the Trinational Upper Rhine Region to Solar and Wind Power

A short film introduces the Renewable Energy Sources in the Trinational Metropolitan Region Oberrhein (RES-TMO) project, which is investigating the technological, economic, and societal conditions of energy transformation in the Upper Rhine, or Oberrhein, region.

Freiburg, Jun 09, 2022

How can a trinational region like the Oberrhein transform its energy system to one that is decentralized, stable, and based on renewable energy sources? Solar and wind power would actually be sufficient for meeting the region’s energy needs. But a conversion that transcends frontiers poses far more than technological questions like those related to energy storage and grids. There are also political, legal, economic, and societal aspects to consider. The EU Interreg Oberrhein Project RES-TMO has investigated all these topics and developed policy recommendations. Led by Prof. Dr. Barbara Koch of the University of Freiburg, researchers from France, Switzerland and Germany are engaged in interdisciplinary cooperation on the project. The eight-minute film introduces the issues and the researchers.