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Time to Duck Out!

Ducks with diplomas, known as "AbsolvEnte," set out to discover the world with University of Freiburg students and staff members

Freiburg, Aug 23, 2018

Time to Duck Out!

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

Summertime is vacation time – whether you're off from school, teaching, or you're an AbsolvEnte. The University of Freiburg's Social Media Team is using Instagram to invite everyone to take a rubber duck with them on holiday, photograph the faux fowl, and share the image for all to see. Whether it's a squeezy mallard, teal, or an eider, ducks enjoy flying south, east, or even towards colder climes, especially when there's no need to get in a flap because the trip can be made comfortably in staff members' or students' carry-on luggage. As an honorable representative of the University of Freiburg, the distinguished duck has a diploma under its wing and wears a stylish mortar board that seconds as a sun shade. Pauline Grünewald is keeping track of the birds' destinations.

Counting on contrast: The beautiful yellow plumage stands out brightly beneath the vermillion "torii," or gates, of the Fushimi Inari shine. Photo: Cornelia Chiorean

Basking on Slovenian shores: An "AbsolvEnte" explores the Soča Valley and Lake Bled. Photo: Nicolas Scherger

Quacking in the capital: This AbsolvEnte strikes a pose in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Photo: Sarah Nieber

On tour in Alsace: An AbsolvEnte squeaks to the beat at the "Eurockéennes" music festival in Belfort and at "Décibulles" near Sélestat. Photo: Annette Bender

Kicking back in a tropical paradise: The crystal blue water of the Maldives beats bathwater every single time. Photo: Melanie Hübner

Our duck with diploma makes a new friend at a farmyard in the Eifel region.
Photo: Judith Burggrabe

Two bathing beauties: This AbsolvEnte enjoys a view of Copenhagen's harbor from the lap of the "Little Mermaid," a symbol of the Danish capital. Photo: Rimma Gerenstein

There's no place like home: A view out over the Black Forest is the best medicine for wanderlust. Photo: Sandra Meyndt 


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