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Security, overtime, and question time

University of Freiburg Staff Council General Meeting, 13 July 2017

Freiburg, Jul 10, 2017

Security, overtime, and question time

Photo:Sandra Meyndt

At the general meetings organized twice yearly by the staff council, university employees can find out about the latest developments and issues surrounding our work at the University of Freiburg and discuss them with the responsible officials. This meeting will include issues of security, forms of work, and pensions on the agenda. In addition, the new "4+1 questions to..." format promises interesting answers from a prominent university member.

Photo.Sandra Meyndt

At the general meeting on 13 July 2017, the University of Freiburg staff council will report on the recently-passed guideline for "good work" and discuss the question of working hours. This issue will be the starting-point for a series of measures with which the staff council aims to animate the dialogue on forms of work and ways of dealing with overtime - starting with a survey straight after the meeting. There will also be news on "security at the university" and a guest lecture by Gabriele Strnad of the Verdi labor union on the subject of pensions.

A new feature is the "4+1 questions to..." format: A prominent member of the university will answer spontaneously five questions put to him/her. Four of the questions will be put by the staff council, the fifth will come from the floor. To this end, staff council members will collect your suggestions at the entrance prior to the general meeting. The first prominent person to take the hot seat will be Dr. Matthias Schenek, the University's executive vice-president.

The general meeting will take place on 13 July 2017 from 9am to 12 noon in Aula of Kollegiengebäude I, Platz der Universität 3, 79098 Freiburg.

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