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Rapidity and creativity

You don't just count jumps when skipping, you also learn tricks

Freiburg, Aug 11, 2017

Surfboarding, taekwondo, golf: the Recreational Sports Program of the University of Freiburg has many options for students who want to take be more active in their leisure time. Registration for courses outside semester starts on 29 August 2017. Our video on the 'rope skipping' course gives a small foretaste.



Our sports program for the period outside semester starts on 4 September and ends on 13 October 2017. However, the course in musical gymnastics for fitness will start in August. There is a charge to register for courses. Everyone who also wants to get involved in sporting activities in the autumn and winter can register from 11 October for courses during the 2017/18 winter semester, when there is a larger program than outside semester.

Information and registration [only in German]