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Preliminary university election results

Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students have selected their representatives in the senate and faculty councils

Freiburg, Jul 05, 2017

Preliminary university election results

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

During the University elections on July 4, 2017, enrolled students from undergrads to doctoral students at the University of Freiburg selected their representatives for the senate and faculty councils. Senate voter participation was around eleven percent. For the faculty councils, voter participation ranged from around 6 to 23.5 percent.

Senate members starting October 1, 2017 include:
Josefine Morgan, proposed nomination „Juso-Hochschulgruppe“
Samuel Wunderlich, proposed nomination „RCDS & LHG“
Phillip Stöcks, proposed nomination „bvs a“
Iris Kimizoglu, proposed nomination „bvs b“

The senate represents all areas of the university. The office term of the chosen members is four years, the students’ term is one year. Based on their office, the rector, vice presidents, the chancellor, the legal counsel to the rector, the equal opportunity representative as well as the faculty deans belong to the committee.

The faculty councils or the so-called „Great Faculty Councils“ have similar tasks and functions on the faculty level that the senate has on the pan-university level. Five or six members were chosen for each of these committees.

The election platform at the University of Freiburg:

Sina Hecht
Election official for university elections
Tel.: 0761/203-4850