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210,000 euros devoted to new teaching methods

The University of Freiburg honors three projects with the "Instructional Development Award"

Freiburg, Sep 15, 2017

210,000 euros devoted to new teaching methods

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

New instructional offerings in the areas of clinical psychological interventions, responsible leadership behavior as well as fundamental knowledge in psychiatry: This year three projects have received the "Instructional Development Award" (IDA), the instructional development prize from the University of Freiburg totaling 70,000 euros. The initiatives are designed to run 18 months, starting October 1, 2017. The award winners are able to use the funding in a flexible manner, thereby allowing them financial freedom as well as a more flexible timeline. The funding comes from the program line "Structural Models during the Introductory Study Phase" by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg and Federal and State level program "Quality Pact for Teaching".

Dr. Julia Asbrand and Prof. Dr. Brunna Tuschen-Caffier, Department for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and the Faculty of Economics and Behavioral Sciences: "Online learning – Practical usage: Taking an interactive approach to teaching clinical psychological interventions"
The goal of the project is to rebuild parts of the master's program module "clinical psychology, neurosciences and rehabilitation sciences" to make it more didactic. The parts convey knowledge and practical skills about various clinical psychological interventions, for instance, in how to lead therapeutic conversations. The module's redesign contains the development of basic blended learning seminars that combine e-learning and in-class events and an advanced seminar in which students can reinforce and build on the knowledge they have acquired through interaction and practical skills with pretend patients. Further, the project is intended to address and adapt to the varying degrees of students' prior knowledge due to the European-wide differences in the way bachelor studies programs in psychology are structured through individualized learning processes. Students will acquire a high level of substantive expertise, skills in therapeutic treatments as well as competencies for individually designed learning, thereby receiving a broad base for their professional degree as a psychologist.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Baumann and Karin Jors, concentration Caritas Science and Christian Social Work, Faculty of Theology, and Prof. Dr. Jörg Lindenmeier, Professorship for Public and Non-Profit Management, Faculty of Economics and Behavioral Sciences: "'Transformative Leadership' as a Sustainable Management Concept: An Interdisciplinary, Trinational Blended Learning Seminar"
Current societal developments underscore the significance and necessity of responsible leadership behavior in politics, economics and civil society. The class "Transformative Leadership" is meant to offer master's students in theology and economics the possibility to develop into "Transformative Leaders" by adopting intercultural, social-communicative, personal and ethical skills beyond the skills in their specific areas of study. A blended learning concept that combines both in-class and e-learning modules is designed to teach them these skills. The plan is for the seminar to take place in three different Eucor – The European Campus locations: in Freiburg, Strasbourg und Basel. Furthermore, the course foresees practical work experience in non-profits and other organizations. The University seeks to create an even closer relationship with economic and social institutions along with civil society and its practices by providing opportunities to put theoretical methods into practice and to test them as well. By doing so, students improve their methodological skills and learn to deal with the respective methods' potential usage.

Prof. Dr. Dieter Ebert, private lecturer Dr. Swantje Matthies and Dr. Peter Goll, Department of Mental Illnesses/Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Faculty of Medicine: "Podcasts for Beginner Students – Psychiatric Health Education"
The project's core is to establish podcasts that teach basic knowledge in psychiatry to beginner students in all fields of study at the University of Freiburg. Using case studies about how psychological disorders emerge and progress as well as their prevention and treatment, students are informed about issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety and eating disorders and other special topics such as online-addiction or neurodoping in an entertaining way. In order to offer an overall real-life impression, the podcasts will include not only regional and national speakers from science, society and patient groups, but also those affected by the various disorders will be given a voice. Medical students in their clinical semesters are developing the case study scenarios – with the idea of learning by teaching – together with afflicted patients or their relatives. They also are participating in producing the podcasts themselves. They will be published on the University of Freiburg's podcast website and possible on other free online platforms.

An anthology to earlier IDA projects
University of Freiburg (ed.): Creative, Innovative, Motivational – Teaching Concepts Put to Practice. The Instructional Development Award (IDA) from the University of Freiburg (Kreativ, Innovativ, Motivierend – Lehrkonzepte in der Praxis. Der Instructional Development Award (IDA) der Universität Freiburg). Bielefeld 2016.

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