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Europe in the World

Open access e-learning project sheds light on the international role of the European Union.

Freiburg, Oct 15, 2018

Physical distance is not a barrier to joint teaching and learning: As part of the European Union project, EUNNET – Understanding EU-UN Relations, Professor Dr. Diana Panke, Ingo Henneberg and Stefan Lang of the University of Freiburg’s Department of Political Science, together with seven other universities, have built a public e-learning platform. It shines a light on the relations between the EU and the United Nations and analyses the EU’s role in international negotiations. Students and interested groups can use the platform, regardless of which institution or profession they belong to.

Video lectures by researchers at the participating universities, interactive learning quizzes, and in-depth lecture notes provide information on the basis of the relationships between the EU and UN, and on selected current events. Topics include the EU and the Security Council, relationships involving human rights, the EU and the development of international law, and the EU and UN peace missions.

Part of the project are negotiation simulations, in which students represent a member state at the European Council and thereby learn to handle complex political, legal and economic talks. A simulation took place as part of a module at the University of Freiburg in summer semester 2018. Another, on a current topic, will be offered in summer semester 2019.

Contributions are made by the University of Freiburg and by leading academics from Athens University of Econics and Business, Greece; the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK; Leiden University, the Netherlands; Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain; the Catholic University in Leuven, the Netherlands; Adelphi University in New York, USA; and the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.

E-learning portal EUN-NET


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