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Awarding of a University Medal and an Honorary Senatorship

Petra Markmeyer-Pieles and Karl-Reinhard Volz recognized for their commitment

Freiburg, Jun 02, 2022

At the 2022 Dies Universitatis, Rector Prof. Dr. Kerstin Krieglstein recognized two outstanding individuals for their special commitment to the University of Freiburg: Dr. Petra Markmeyer-Pieles from the Office of Security, Environment, and Sustainability was awarded the University Medal for her outstanding commitment to the university in overcoming the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Prof. Dr. Karl-Reinhard Volz received the distinction of honorary senator in recognition of his many years promoting research and supporting early-career researchers at the Academic Society.

University Medal for Dr. Petra Markmeyer-Pieles

As a member of the “Coronavirus Coordinating Office” and head of the Office of Security, Environment, and Sustainability, the chemist Markmeyer-Pieles and her team played and still play an instrumental role in helping the University of Freiburg to overcome the challenges of the pandemic – from face-to-face examinations, work-from-home orders, and the handling of infections, distancing rules, disinfectants, and air filters to university celebrations.

Foto einer lächelnden FrauPetra Markmeyer-Pieles. Photo: Sandra Meyndt

Honorary Senatorship for Prof. Dr. Karl-Reinhard Volz

Volz has served as president of the Freiburg Academic Society since 2011. In this function, he is deeply committed to promoting research and supporting early-career researchers. Membership increased considerably under his presidency. The range of funding possibilities was significantly extended; what the society funds above all today, in addition to physical resources, is research stays, closed conferences, lecture trips, and two research awards. In 2016 Volz called into being the “Freiburg Science Slam.” This popular competition challenges young researchers to give a large audience a brief and entertaining introduction to their findings.

Foto eines lächenden MannesKarl-Reinhard Volz. Photo: Sandra Meyndt

Watch 2022 Dies Universitatis Online

Besides the awards ceremony, the event also featured an introduction by Christina Leib, who became the University of Freiburg’s new head of administration on 1 April 2022. In addition, a discussion was held on the topic “The University as Part of Society – Today and a Vision for 2030” between Dr. Julia Gurol from the Department of Political Science; Dr. Annette Doll, managing director of the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies; Julia Wandt, responsible for science communications and strategy in the Rectorate of the University of Freiburg; and Prof. Dr. Bastian E. Rapp from the Department of Microsystems Engineering. The recording of the Dies Universitatis may be accessed online.


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