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Law enforcement in the face of social change

The Centre for Security and Society examines the personnel and training policies of the police force

Freiburg, Nov 20, 2019

Law enforcement in the face of social change

Photo: Heiko Barth –

Due to the increasing diversity of cultures, religions, values and codes of conduct throughout German society, the Federal Criminal Police Office, the police forces of the federal states along with the Federal Police are faced with the question of how they can reflect this social change in their training and personnel policies. In the newly launched research project “ZuRecht - Die Polizei in der offenen Gesellschaft” (“ZuRecht – The Police in an Open Society"), scholars from the Centre for Security and Society (CSS) at the University of Freiburg are investigating how the standards in the recruitment of junior staff and selection procedures as well as in training and further education must adapt to ensure in the future that the police can apply rights to all and that everyone is are equally protected against criminal offenses. The researchers are working together with the German Police University and the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg. The Mercator Foundation is supporting the project with 1.74 million euros.

Personnel and training policies are a research focus at the Freiburg Centre for Security and Society. Credit: Heiko Barth –


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