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Research Profile

The University of Freiburg aims to sharpen the research profile and become a laboratory for new research ideas. The following press releases and articles from the online magazine show ideas, measures, and projects in that field.

The long-awaited split
The Higgs particle breaks down into two so-called bottom quarks. In what way could this find be a milestone on the path to a new kind of physics?
With the help of a plenary, parliament and cabinet
The Freiburg particle physicist Karl Jakobs is the first German scientific director of an experiment at the LHC accelerator at the CERN research center
Hey there, neighbor!
For the past ten years researchers from around the world have come to the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies –Sabine Dabringhaus was the first to flip open her laptop there
Heinz Maier Leibnitz Prizes for two Freiburg researchers
Jennifer Andexer and Benjamin Kohlmann receive the most important award for young scientists in Germany
In the Running for Two Clusters
The university has submitted proposals for the Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies (CIBSS) and Living, Adaptive, and Energy-autonomous Materials Systems (livMatS)
Reading under the Revolution
Mao Zedong dictated to the people what they were to read – but the masses discovered forbidden literature
Humans learn – machines do, too
Wolfram Burgard develops intelligent, autonomous systems – his algorithms for self-driving robots continue to be the gold standard