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“One University – One Book” Program Opens for the Summer Semester

The project focuses on the issue of hate from the perspectives of research, self-reflection, and public debate

Freiburg, Apr 11, 2022

Hate has many expressions: discrimination, marginalization, and polarization. As part of the project “For a University of Diversity and Against Hate!,” a team from all areas of the University of Freiburg has developed different event formats based on Carolin Emcke’s book “Against Hate.” The perspectives in the spotlight are research, self-reflection, and public debate.

The activities are a continuation of a project that resulted from the university’s success in a Donors’ Association’s call for applications. The program had already gotten underway in the Winter Semester of 2021/2022 with a series of lectures and discussions in working groups. Anyone interested is cordially invited to attend the in-person events. The Summer Semester 2022 series of panel discussions begins on 3 May with an event on the issue of “Coexisting in a City – But How?”

Starting at 7 p.m. in the auditorium (Aula) of Collegiate Building I, Prof. Dr. Markus Tauschek of the University of Freiburg’s Institute for Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology, will discuss the topic, together with Claire Désenfant, a member of the City of Freiburg’s Immigration Advisory Board, Ulrich von Kirchbach, Cultural Mayor of Freiburg (in representation for Freiburg Mayor Martin Horn), Janika Kuge, a researcher from the Department of Economic Geography and Sustainable Development of the University of Freiburg, and student Simon Sumbert, who is also a member of the Freiburg City Council. Julia Wandt, the director of the Business unit Communication and Strategy at the University of Freiburg, will moderate the discussion.


More public panel discussions will be held in June, and July 2022.


The panel discussion scheduled for 5 May 2022 on “The Portrayal of Hate, Marginalization, and Discrimination in Different Cultural Fields and the Role of Culture in this Context” has been postponed. Information on a new date and time will be posted here promptly later on.

A further panel discussion on “Religious Communities and the Topic of Hate” will take place on 2 June at 6 p.m. in Lecture Hall 1098 of Collegiate Building I. Prof. Dr. Anne Koch of the University of Freiburg’s Faculty of Theology, Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Peter Birkhofer of the Archdiocese of Freiburg, High Consistory member Dr. Matthias Kreplin of the Protestant Regional Church in Baden, Iman Andrea Reimann of the German Muslim Center in Berlin, as well as Sylvia Schliebe of the free Jewish community in Freiburg will take part. Journalism Prof. Dr. Sabine Rollberg will moderate the discussion.

A number of participants will discuss the topic of “Marginalization and Hate in Sports” in Lecture Hall 1098 of Collegiate Building I on 23 June. The event will start at 6 p.m. Prof. Dr. Nina Degele of the Institute of Sociology of the University of Freiburg will take part in a discussion with Helen Breit, Chairwoman of the nationwide fan organization „Unsere Kurve“ and DFB Ambassador Jimmy Hartwig. The panel will be moderated by sports journalist Christoph Ruf.


Authors and soccer coaches to debate in July


On  5 July at 6 p.m., the author of the book “Against Hate,” Carolin Emcke, will hold a panel discussion with the coach of the soccer club SC Freiburg Christian Streich in the Aula of Collegiate Building I. Journalist Thomas Steiner of the “Badische Zeitung” will moderate the discussion.

On 6 July at 2 p.m. in the Event Hall of the University Library, author Carolin Emcke and University of Freiburg professors who took part in the Winter Semester 2021/2022 lecture series “For a University of Diversity and Against Hate,” – Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bröckling of the Institute of Sociology, Prof. Dr. Ursula Nothelle-Wildfeuer of the Faculty of Theology, and Prof. Dr. Johanna Pink of the Oriental Seminar – will engage in a panel discussion. Moderating the talk will be the jurist Prof. Dr. Andreas Voßkuhle and the University of Freiburg’s Vice President for University Culture, Prof. Dr. Sylvia Paletschek.

The program will wrap up on 7 July at 6 p.m. with a talk on “Hate in Social Media” in Lecture Hall 1098 of Collegiate Building I. Dr. Max Orlich of the Office of University and Scientific Communication of the University of Freiburg will discuss the issue with journalist Sabine Espey of the broadcaster Südwestrundfunk, Badische Zeitung Editor-in-Chief Thomas Fricker, and Lukas Staier, an influencer and YouTube comedian. Stephanie Geißler of Südwestrundfunk will moderate the panel.

 Judith Burggrabe


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